De Designpolitie

De Designpolitie is a graphic design agency based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They produce communication and identity design for clients in the non-profit and commercial sectors with an emphasis on cultural and social organizations. During my internship at De Designpolitie I worked on various projects for multiple clients.

Moti Hotel

This animation was made for the Moti Hotel exhibition at Moti Museum Of The Image in Breda. The exhibition is designed by De Designpolitie and curated in collaboration with Moti Museum. During my internship at De Designpolitie I was tasked to come up with an animation explaining and announcing the exhibition.

Music: Corporate World - The Dust Brothers

Dingemans van der Kind

2014 Christmas animation for DVDK Friends & Family. This was the first animated christmas card showing animated versions of the christmas cards created in the past 10 years. The envelope functioned as a image link in the email. Clicking on the envelope would take te recipiƫnt to the animation on the website of Dingemans van der Kind.


Magnet icons and words for an announcement board in the Proud office. The small square magnets can be used to create new symbols, icons and words.

The Digital Forest (Media Library)

Wallpaper with a size of 7m by 3,5m made for 'Mediatheek The Digital Forrest'.


The octobre program for Frascati. Part of my internship was working on returning projects within established identities. There was freedom for creativity within certain boundaries. Each monthly flyer should have a unique cover.


For Pictoright my task was to create the new edition for their bi-annual magazine.